InSyncSenses™ Services

InSyncSenses™ is your holistic gateway to internal and external equilibrium. Our team of experts harness the power of nurturing touch and holistically empower through massage, skincare, sound and vibrational therapy, energy healings, cranial sacral release therapy CSRT, and life coaching. The foundational pillars of InSyncSenses™ lie in rejuvenation and empowerment. Our goal is for our clients to take away an improved sense of self with the intention to incorporate harmony into everyday living.


February is for rejuvenation with love


Oxygen 2 Lift age-defying Facial

  Only $87

Eminence organic customized facial

only $77

Essential nurturing

only $137*

stem cell micro-channeling

only $277

*Your choice among InSyncSenses signature aroma therapeutic holistic massage with botanical facial

or a sound & color acupuncture treatment with Vanessa A. Cisneros from


GIFT CERTIFICATES always available. For ORGANIC FACIAL or HOLISTIC treatments with an ALCHEMIE' gift bag to try some of our signature Aroma Therapy blends: "Inspiration", "Fire", "Harmony", "Uplifting Revival", "Chillax", "Relief", "Health", "Lavender Fields", "Sensual", "Love" or "Enigma"

Starting at only $111 


More popular than ever, facials are a fantastic way to treat yourself. InSyncSenses™ has fine tuned its services to combat the damage caused by Florida’s intense sun. Achieve a healthy radiant glow with a mixture of coveted botanicals found in Image Skincare products and Eminence Organic Skin Care. Our boutique nurturing touch helps remove impurities and can reduce the appearance of fine lines in the face for men and women alike!


 MicroChanneling is an innovative therapy that activates the skin’s natural repair mechanism. Using the ProCell micro channeling device and Stem Cell Science system, we achieve dramatic improvements in the appearance of your skin.

The invisible, vertical, micro perforations into the epidermis catalyze the natural reproduction of collagen and elastin. The treatment leaves the skin tightened, the pores reduced in size, and skin regains it's elasticity and radiance.



Life Coaching plus™

Take the first step towards organizing your passions and goals with life coaching at InSyncSenses™. It’s not unusual to feel stuck when one is trying to make a significant change in one’s life. Engage in brainstorming sessions with a coach and create a realistic action plan to improve desired areas of your life.

When you are ready to open your eyes into your Soul. When you are ready to GROW out of fear and into LOVE. Face your shadow to find your LIGHT. Move from being a victim into owning your power by taking responsibility for your actions and are ready to do the work of rediscovering your TRUE essence which leads you to FREEDOM....We are here for YOU.